FIR-Tech Leg Wraps
By Catago
Product ID: CAT09
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The Catago FIR-Tech Leg Wraps contain therapeutic fabric and are designed to be used during exercise, or as travel or stable wraps.

The inside of the leg wraps is made from functional FIR-Tech fabric. This is woven with ceramic fibres that are designed to reflect the horse's body heat and increase blood circulation.

This helps muscles, tendons and joints to warm up quickly, and helps to minimise the risk of injuries during work, and reduce filling in the stable.

The wraps have Synthermax fiberfill for padding and a breathable lightweight mesh outer.

The Catago FIR-Tech Leg Wraps are available in Black or White, in sizes Small (40 x 30cm, most suitable for exercise or ponies) or Large (45 x 50cm, most suitable for stable and travel).

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