K2F Ice Boots - Front Pair
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The Cryochaps K2F Ice Boots - Front Pair are an updated design of the best-selling Original Cryochap Ice Boots.

They have all of the same cooling, compression and comfort properties of the Original Cryochaps, but contain more gel so they stay colder for longer. 

This makes them great for days out at competitions as they will stay at less than -15°C for up to 7 hours in the cool bag.

These ice boots provide rapid cooling for hot, tired legs, and work to bring the horse's leg temperature down quickly.

The ice pouches are designed to give maximum cooling either side of the fetlock, where it is most needed. They also have a wider bottom strap for maximum compression in this area.

K2F Cryochaps have been designed to help not only in rehabiliation after injury, but also as part of your horse's everyday cool-down routine to focus on recovery and injury prevention.



They have been developed to mimic ice bath or cold water immersion, which has become part of many human athlete's recovery phase. The general theory behind this colf therapy is that the cold exposure helps to combat the micro trauma (small tears) in tissues and resultant soreness caused by intense or repetitive exercise.

This cold therapy acts to constrict blood vessels, flushes waste products, and reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. As the tissue subsequently warms up and the blood flow is increased, the healing process is jump-started.

K2F Cryochaps provide cold therapy and essential compression to be proactive against damage, or to help the healing process after injury.


K2F Cryochaps are easy to apply straight from the freezer, and mould to the horse's legs to provide optimum compression and freedom of movement.

To prepare, lay them flat in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. Apply to the horse's wet leg using the fitting instructions that come with the ice boots.

Wet the leg before using the Cryochaps, and apply immediately after exercise for 10-15 minutes to benefit from the cold therapy. It is advised to seek advice from your vet before using Cryochaps post-injury. Do not place directly on open wounds. Do not leave on for longer than 20 minutes, as this could lead to skin damage.

They are made in two parts: the ice gel; and the material section. This makes them reversible and able fit any leg. The ice gel boot section has smooth fabric, it will not freeze to the leg and is simple to wash off to keep clean. The gel is quick to cool and maintains low temperatures.

Stretch neoprene makes up the outer boot which provides not only a secure fit but compression, essential in recovery.

The Front Pair of K2F Cryochaps are available in one size, that is designed to fit horses of 15.2hh and over.

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