Carbon Shield Over Reach Boots
By Veredus
Product ID: V06
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These revolutionary Veredus over reach boots are designed in conjunction with top show jumper Marcus Ehning. The anatomic shape and protective material ensure a perfect fit around the horse's heel to give maximum protection.

The main shell is made from a flexible and extremely strong polyurethane mixture that provides excellent protection against abrasion and maintains its flexibility even in extreme temperatures. Two carbon 'bulbs' protect the heel against injury and bruising. This is internally covered by a slim layer of gel with shock absorbing properties that offers exceptional protection against knocks.

The over reach boot is initially positioned on the wall of the hoof with an elastic strap featuring a quick release tip. The second fixing is positioned on the pastern by a Velcro strap on the neoprene, guaranteeing maximum comfort and avoiding bruising.

Non-deformable Flextan tips on stainless steel hooks enable extremely quick fastening and release, even with just one hand. A constriction in the hooking holes ensures maximum safety, preventing the possibility of accidental release during work or competition.

Advice regarding use: Hooves have many variables in size and shape. The product is not suitable for hooves with particularly low heels. It is a specific product that needs to be perfectly compatible with the horse's anatomy, otherwise it will not stay in place and may turn or break more easily.
The Veredus Carbon Shield has been designed for show jumping and not for cross-country riding as it may not be suitable for the stronger forces and different movements of that discipline.
For intense sports, such as cross-country or even endurance, Veredus suggest the Safety Bell Overreach Boots as a more effective option.


These Veredus Carbon Shield Overreach Boots are available in Black or Brown, Full size (Medium) or Large (Extra Full).

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