FIR-Tech Training Boots
By Catago
Product ID: CAT12
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The Catago FIR-Tech Training Boots are everyday brushing boots with a technical twist for increased wellness, recovery and prevention of injury.

They feature a FIR-Tech lining. This multifunctional Far Infrared Ray polyester fabric has a special ceramic fibre added to it during the production process.

This ceramic acts to reflect the horse's body heat as far infrared energy radiation - this gentle radiant heat can penetrate 4-7cm beneath the skin.

The FIR-Tech energy is easily absorbed by water in the body tissue, creating vibration and fraction among the bonds forming the molecules.

As a result, blood vessels begin to expand and circulation increases to promote cellular functioning.

This can have the effect of increasing oxygen levels within the blood, relieving tension, aches and inflammation and helping to prevent injuries. Tendon and joint functions are improved.

These lightweight brushing boots are made from a mesh fabric that is designed to allow heat to escape and avoids overheating tendons.

Hard plastic shells on the inner leg provides optimal protection for this vulnerable area.

The Catago FIR-Tech Training Boots are available in Black, in sizes S to XL.

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