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Leather Tendon Boots
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The Kentucky Leather Tendon Boots combine the style of traditional leather tendon boots, but are made using synthetic leather, which is more durable and easier to care for.

These boots feature a protective TPU plastic inner shell and a soft neoprene lining against the horse's skin.

The streamlined design provides a perfect fit, allowing your horse to flex at the knee without interference. They also feature a higher cut-out design at the pastern than traditional tendon boots to allow total freedom of movement in this area.

These boots have an elegant stitching pattern and are made from imitation leather. This synthetic material is animal-friendly and easy to maintain, as it means the entire boot can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 degrees (do not tumble dry).

As the artificial leather does not take in any dirt, sweat or water, it is more durable than real leather. It provides a tough outer layer to help protect your horse. It also does not change colour over time.

The Kentucky Leather Tendon Boots are available in Black or Brown, in sizes Full or Pony.

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