Bio Ceramic Saddle Cloth
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LoveHorses – inventors of the best-selling Body Bandage – have developed the LoveHorses Bioceramic Saddle Cloth.

This innovative new product has a bioceramic eco-shearling lining, which offers the following benefits:
 - Anti-saddlesores
 - Anti-inflammatory
 - Non-allergenic
 - Anti-bacterial
 - Deep heat effect (which prepares the back muscles)

It helps to prevent saddlesores forming on delicate horses and it stimulates regrowth of the coat in areas which have suffered past damage.

The focused anti-inflammatory effect aids heightened microcirculation which increases bloodflow.

The non-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties result in reduced odour, even after repeated use.


The Bio Ceramic Saddle Cloth is especially useful for horses who suffer from muscle stiffness while "cold".

When the pad is placed on the horse's back 15 minutes before work (during grooming for example), the Bio Fleece helps to warm the paravertebral muscles, thus reducing muscle stiffness and myofascial pain. This encourages the horse to relax and become more predisposed to be worked.

It can also aid and prolong the benefits of localised therapies performed by the vet (for example laser therapy, mesotherapy and anti-inflammatory injections).


The Bio Ceramic Saddle Cloth is lined with eco-shearling interwoven with Bio Ceramic fibres. When it is placed in contact with the horse it emanates Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

Far Infrared Rays are also known as Rays of Life because they are included in the part of the spectrum of solar light which is absorbed by living organisms.

Bio Ceramic fibres perform two actions: they both emanate FIR, and also reflects back those emitted by the horse itself, thus conferring a double dose.

The FIR help to increase localised microcirculation which enables the capillaries to improve bloodflow, with the resulting advantages of increased oxygenation to the area.

It speeds the expulsion of catabolites - which means it has a deep heat and anti-inflammatory effect.

It promotes natural muscle relaxation and optimum cellular condition, therefore reinforcing local metabolism.

The Love Horses Bio Ceramic Saddle Cloth is available in Navy (in stock) or Khaki (special order), Full size only.

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