Deluxe Body Bandage
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The LoveHorses Deluxe Body Bandage is designed to prevent rubbing and abrasions on the horse's skin and coat caused by friction of the rider's legs moving against the horse's sides.

This friction can thin the coat and result in sore, sensitive skin - whether or not spurs are worn. This can particularly be a problem with thin-skinned horses and those that have just been clipped.

The Body Bandage helps to prevent sores from forming, and also allows a horse with friction rubs to be worked without aggravating the injury. The lightweight, soft elastic acts as a second layer of skin.

This is the original, genuine durable Body Bandage, not to be confused with inferior imitations.

How to use the Body Bandage

The Body Bandage is wrapped around the horse's body in the saddle area, in direct contact with the coat, closing the Velcro fastening underneath.

Two lightweight plastic clips fasten the body bandage to the saddle D-rings. The clips are adjustable so the bandage can be placed at the exact point that requires the most protection.

Four adjustable side straps attach to the girth to stop the body bandage slipping backwards.

After use, the Body Bandage can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C. using a normal washing powder and a brief spin.

FEI approved for use in competition.

Please note: Although the resistance of the elastic has undergone extensive testing, it is not recommended for use in conjunction with sharp spurs.

The LoveHorses Deluxe Body Bandage is 25cm wide, available in Black or Dark Brown, in Pony (160cm), Cob (175cm), Full (190cm) or Extra Full (205cm).

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