FIR-Tech Training Saddle Cloth with Elastic
By Catago
Product ID: CAT10
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The Catago FIR-Tech Training Saddle Cloth pairs the therapeutic FIR-Tech fabric with elastic bands to help strengthen your horse's core.

It can be used for both lungeing and riding. The resistance band effect of the elastics works the back and abdominal muscles of your horse, promoting improved movement and balance from a correct way of going.

The elastics fasten to the saddle cloth with large snap buckles and sit under the belly and behind the quarters. They can be adjusted lengthways if required. A soft plush cover over the elastics helps to prevent any risk of friction rubs while the horse works.

The saddle cloth has Synthermax fibre fill and FIR-Tech inner fabric containing woven ceramic particles, providing an advanced double effect.

The specially developed FIR-Tech ceramic fabric transforms and reflects the horse's body heat as electromagnetic infrared heat radiation that penetrates the body tissue and expands the blood vessels for increased circulation.

Please note that this saddle cloth will encourage your horse to work hard and should be introduced gradually and with caution, particularly when used on young horses or as part of a rehabilition process.

Lunge roller not included.

The Catago FIR-Tech Training Saddle Cloth with Elastic is available in Black, to fit 16in or 17in saddles, and in Dressage or All Purpose styles.

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