Embroidered Fleece Show Rug
Product ID: R04
Made to order by Equiport in the UK

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This high quality equestrian fleece horse show rug is available in a wide range of colours, with the Equiport logo embroidery. This soft washable horse show rug looks fabulous on your horse and can be used not only in the Winter, but also during cooler spells in the Summer months.

Available in a range of fleece colours, with rope piping, outer binding and hip ornament options. Have fun creating your bespoke rug using our customisation options below.

Please note that this rug is embroidered with the Equiport logo, if you wish to purchase a fleece rug with your own logo or name embroidery, please see our standard Equiport Fleece Show Rug.

Machine washable at 30 degrees.


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Item Summary
  • Size: Not Selected
Colour Options
  • Base Colour: Not Selected
  • Outer Piping: Not Selected
  • Inner Piping: Not Selected
  • Outer Binding: Not Selected
  • Outer Embroidery: Not Selected
  • Inner Embroidery: Not Selected
Hip Ornament Colours
  • Colour 1: Not Selected
  • Colour 2: Not Selected
  • Colour 3: Not Selected
  • Fastening: Not Selected
Item Price £115.00 Ea
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