Bio Magic Rug Bib
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Prevent thinning of your horse's coat at the shoulders and withers due to rug rubs with the innovative Bio Magic Bib from LoveHorses, lined with Bioceramic fleece.

Thinning of the coat and bald patches appear mostly around the shoulder and wither areas, and this is an effective solution to combating the problem.


The Bio Magic Bib is lined with eco-shearling interwoven with Bio Ceramic fibres. When it is placed in contact with the horse it emanates Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

Far Infrared Rays are also known as Rays of Life because they are included in the part of the spectrum of solar light which is absorbed by living organisms.

Bio Ceramic fibres perform two actions: they both emanate FIR, and also reflects back those emitted by the horse itself, thus conferring a double dose.

The FIR help to recall major blood flow to the shoulder guard area, therefore increasing the oxygen levels in the blood and stimulating regrow of the coat.

The non-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties result in reduced odour, even after repeated use.


Magic does not move when the horse rolls because it's attached to the rug by passing the breast straps through the available loops. Machine washable at 40 degrees and can be spin dryed.

The Love Horses Bio Magic Rug Bib is available in Navy or Khaki, in the following sizes:

Small - fits approx 5ft 9in rug size
Medium - fits approx 6ft rug size
Large - fits approx 6ft 6in rug size
Extra Large - fits approx 6ft 9in rug size
Extra Extra Large - fits approx 7ft 3in rug size

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