Green Composite Stirrups
By Flex-On
Product ID: FO06
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Designed to combine comfort and performance, the Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups are manufactured with environmentally-friendly materials.

These stirrups provide excellent stability to keep your leg in the perfect position while riding, while the elastomers offer shock adbsorption for improved technical performance.

They are a great choice to improve comfort in the saddle for riders who suffer from joint and muscle problems.

They weigh 800g and have an inclined ultra grip tread to help you keep your heels down, while also offering maximum grip.

The spring steel frame is hot forged and treated against oxidation for strength and durability, then overmolded with an environmentally-sourced polyamide material.

The offset top slot for the stirrup leathers encourages the optimum leg position for a better connection with the horse's sides.

Custom colours and magnetic stickers are available, please contact us for details.

The Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups are stocked with an Inclined Ultra Grip tread, in the following colours:

Navy with a Grey Tread and Grey Elastomers
Grey with a Black Tread and Black Elastomers
Black with a Black Tread and Black Elastomers

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