Shield'Rup Stirrups
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We're proud to introduce the Samshield Shield'Rup Stirrups - the latest evolution in terms of safety, technicality, comfort, performance and design for the ultimate riding experience.

Following years of study and research, the Samshield stirrups are the result of the fusion of these requirements, wrapped in an innovative design. Samshield really have thought about all the factors that produce a practical and high performance stirrup.

The Samshield stirrups have a lateral branch that opens as the result of pressure if you fall off. It is designed on a cable and spring system that allows the outer branch of the stirrups to open 180 degrees and can quickly and easily be returned to its original position. This reduces the chances of your foot becoming caught in the stirrup, and also allows you to re-mount immediately.

The stirrups are made from aeronautical aluminium with a steel insert. This ensures that they are very strong with a high level of resistance, even when the outer branch is open.

They have an inclined tread that slopes slightly backwards - this helps to keep your legs in the correct riding position with your heels down for stability and support.

The elastomer seal under the tread provides excellent shock absorption for improved comfort, balance and to help protect the rider's joints.

They are even designed to help you regain a lost stirrup quickly, as the eye for the leathers is slightly twisted, thus helping the stirrup stay in the correct position so your foot can find it without delay.

The Samshield stirrups have a high grip tread with spikes to keep your feet in the perfect position.

The Samshield Shield'Rup Stirrups are available in one size in Dark Chrome.

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