Venice Light Plus Stirrups
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Get the ideal combination of cushioning and safety with the Tech Venice Light Plus Stirrups, available in a range of colours.

These high performance stirrups have shock absorbers under the treads, which provide increased comfort, reduced fatigue and follow the movements of your foot perfectly, especially when jumping. These shock absorbers are made from a compound that is designed to be stress-resistant, durable and resilient in high and low temperatures (-20° to 80°).

The revolutionary Tech safety mechanism allows the side of the stirrup to open in the event of a fall, to help avoid the risk of the rider's foot being caught.

This section is spring-loaded, so quickly and easily moves back to its original position without damaging the stirrup. The spring allows the moving arm to stay closed while you are riding, so it opens only when a certain level of pressure is applied. The locking mechanism is cushioned by a rubber insert, which allows it to be particularly reactive when the release is required.

Tech stirrups are 100% made in Italy from aluminium billet and fastened with stainless steel screws. They also receive an anodising treatment to ensure the durability of their appearance.

The patented tread has been designed to grant excellent grip even in the case of quick movements (and the inevitable spooks).

The tread is also sloped by 3 degrees to help maintain a 'heels down' position, while the outer support helps to prevent your foot from slipping sideways.

The upper stirrup leather slot is designed to ensure the stirrup hangs perfectly. Special stirrup leathers are not required.

Weight: 500g
Tread size: 4 3/4in
Slope: 3°

Tech Venice Light Plus Stirrups are available in the following colours (from left to right, top to bottom):

Rose Gold/Silver

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