Free Bute Paste 60g
By Cavalor
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Cavalor Free Bute Paste contributes to the maintenance of flexible muscles and joints. It offers the natural relief that horses sometimes need to enable them to move freely.

The syringe-based paste contains natural ingredients to provide relief to muscles and joints, and is ideal for horses that have to deliver top performances at the highest level.

The relief of pain and discomfort, aimed at giving a horse more rest and comfort, is the start of many healing and recovery processes. However, the means to achieve this can have unwanted side effects, which may even harm the horse, and/or contain substances that prevent the horse from participating in competitions for some time.

For many years it has been known from botany and herbal science that a number of natural nutritional elements that are completely innocuous - and therefore have no harmful side effects - may be used in competitive sports and give relief in many common situations. Based on these insights, Free Bute Paste was developed.

The development of the herb mixture used in Cavalor Free Bute Paste focused mainly on the synergy between certain raw materials. Herbs such as Tanacetum Parthenium, Ribes Nigrum folia, Viola Tricolor herba and Zea Mays stigmata have different individual efficacy mechanisms that strengthen the impact of the herbs when combined. These ingredients are particularly effective in relieving the symptoms that occur when muscles and joints are subject to excessive stresses.


Give half the tube the evening before the exertion and the other half in the morning prior to the exertion.

Riders often feel that horses benefit even more from one syringe the night before and one syringe the morning before an exertion. 

Maximum 240g per day per horse (four syringes).

Available in 60g tubes.

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