Kick Up 1 Litre
By Cavalor
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Cavalor Kick Up is developed to help keep your horse fresh during multiple-day shows.

The liquid dietary supplement Cavalor Kick Up enriches the normal feed ration with easily and rapidly absorbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and aromatic plant extracts. Thanks to the presence of these high-grade nutrients and their interaction, the physiological processes receive a boost.

The results of Cavalor Kick Up are quickly noticeable. The horse appears revitalized and the performance improves rapidly.

It is recommended to supplement Cavalor Kick Up in the evening before competition and in the morning of competition if required.


Sport horses: 50ml
Ponies and recreation horses: 25ml
Maximum dose: 100ml per animal per day. 

Cavalor Kick Up can be given to the horse every other day in periods when there is a need for nutritional recovery and convalescence (usually for 7-10 days); and every day in periods of greatly increased need (eg during a heavy competition season).

Available in 1 Litre bottles.

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