Pow'red Performance 2 Litres
By Cavalor
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Cavalor Pow'red Performance is a liquid mixture of high quality vitamins, minerals and iron to help support red blood cells and circulation to ensure maximum vitality and performance.

It is given as a supplement to the normal ration to performance horses in training and during the competition season when there is an increased need for direct available energy.

Cavalor Pow'red Performance supplies the additional nutrients that active top performers need. As such, it is a truly complete, very easily absorbable supplement to the daily ration. It is a perfect way to get your horse in good condition at the beginning of the competition season but also during and at the end of the competition season, when the horse may be have challenges maintaining condition.

This liquid feed enrichment contains carefully selected, energy-oriented vitamins, including vitamins A, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, C; folic acid and choline, and trace elements: iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, selenium, calcium, phosphorus.

The effect of Cavalor Pow'red Performance is mainly due to the precise composition and ratios of the ingredients used.  In addition to the exceptional content of B vitamins, it contains high-quality vitamin C and very special traces of iron that effectively increase the number of red blood cells (the oxygen carriers) in a natural way.  This avoids the feared side-effect of random iron elements, which can lead to an excessive number of freely circulating iron constituents (causing intoxication, eg oxidation of muscle cells).  

Cavalor Pow'red Performance produces quickly noticeable results and contains no prohibited substances.


Competition horses: 50ml per horse per day
Maximum dose: 100ml per animal per day

Cavalor Pow'red Performance is available in 2 litre bottles.

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