SoZen 400g
By Cavalor
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Cavalor SoZen is designed to promote a calming and relaxing effect on 'hot' or nervous horses.

Many sport horses perform below their ability because they are stressed and not able to focus on the competition. Nervousness, panic and lack of concentration are common symptions.

There is still no universal effective way of fully calming horses without using sedation (obviously not allowed during competition!) while at the same time increasing their concentration to the maximum. 

By obtaining more insight in the complexity of the problem, Cavalor has developed SoZen. This is the first equine supplement that is designed to address the adrenaline/cortisol balance. Cavalor found out that stress is caused by long periods of tension. Stress will unbalance the hormonal system, by producing too much adrenaline and too little cortisol. The more the adrenaline/cortisol balance is disturbed, the greater the impact of a tension moment will be.

SoZen is a well-balanced herbal mixture of Avena Sativa, Betula, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Passiflora and Allium sativa. It will help to reduce the impact of tension on the horse, which will help the horse to be less stressed.


It is recommended to begin with a starting boost of 30g per day for a minimum of 10 days. This is needed to rebalance the adrenaline/cortisol balance.

NB Sometimes after 4-5 days the horse may initially appear more tensed as the supplement starts to work. This will pass with continued use of the product.

After the starting boost, it is recommended to use 15g per day, starting two days before the day when the horse is required to be calm. The maximum dosage is 60g per day.

Most horses react well to SoZen. If the horse has not calmed down sufficiently with the use of the individual products, it is advisable to combine SoZen with Take it Easy, which is rich in tryptophan, that works more on the methionine/serotonin balance.

Cavalor SoZen is available in 400g tubs.

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