FIR-Tech Bell Boots with Faux Fur
By Catago
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The Catago FIR-Tech Bell Boot is a functional and luxurious overreach boot edged with faux fur, combined with the therapeutic effects of FIR-Tech fabric.

Designed to protect the horse's delicate heel and pastern areas, the boots feature a small elevation on the inside to help keep them in the correct position during movement.

The inside of the boot is lined with FIR-Tech fabric, which contains particles of ceramic clay.

The ceramic material converts and reflects the horse's body heat as electromagnetic heat radiation that penetrates the tissue and widens the blood vessels.

This leads to an increase in blood circulation and higher blood oxygen levels, which in turn improves suppleness of the horse's vital structures.

The Catago FIR-Tech Bell Boots with Faux Fur are available in Black, set of two, in sizes Cob, Full or Extra Full.

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