FIR-Tech Fetlock Socks
By Catago
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The Catago FIR-Tech Fetlock Socks combine a compression effect with the benefits of FIR-Tech therapeutic fabric.

The socks contain woven ceramic particles that reflect the horse's own body heat as infrared radiation.

This helps to increase blood circulation, keep tendons and joints supple and reduces recovery periods.

The stretch fabric ensures a perfect fit on different leg shapes, as the fabric conforms to the contours of the leg. They are designed to fit from mid-cannon to just below the coronet band.

The socks are very useful for horses whose legs fill or 'stock up' when stabled, thanks to the compression effect.

They can be used on their own or under stable boots or bandages.

As the socks offer light compression, Catago advise being cautious about the length of time they are left on the horse's legs. They recommend removing them after long periods of transportation or overnight wear in the stable.

The Catago FIR-Tech Fetlock Socks are available in Black, one size only. Sold in pairs.

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