Technical Show Jacket - Create Your Own - Black
Product ID: JET25B
Made to order by Equiport in the UK

Equiport offers you a unique opportunity to create your own bespoke black show jacket with your choice of collar and trim.

Whether you prefer bling or perfectly plain, you can design your own colour scheme using the options below.

Select your collar and piping colours, then tell us whether you want pocket and vent trim added to your black show jacket. You can even choose which buttons you would like.

Technical Show Jackets

Equiport Technical Show Jackets are hard wearing and waterproof - rain simply runs off the fabric. Using Nano-Sphere technology from Schoeller, the fabric is breathable to keep you cool under pressure, and ultra-stretchy to allow freedom of movement when jumping. Best of all, the jacket is machine washable - so no more dry cleaning bills!

Available in sizes 8 to 20, with a choice of lengths.


Please enter the size you would like:

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Please enter the length you would like:

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Collar Colour ?
Please select the colour for the collar of your item:
Collar Piping Colour ?
Please select the colour for the collar piping of your item:
Step 2: Options & Quantity
Pocket Trim

Please select whether or not you require pocket trim (same colour as the collar chosen):

Button Style ?
Please select the style of button you require:
Vent Trim

Please select whether or not you require vent trim (same colour as the collar chosen):

Finally, tell us how many of this item you'd like to order. If you want to order several items but with different customisation options, then you need to customise each one individually. If you require this item in different sizes, you can select this on the basket page.
Click "Add To Basket" to continue. You will be able to review your order before you complete your purchase.
Item Summary
  • Size: Not Selected
  • Length: Not selected
Colour Options
  • Collar: Not Selected
  • Piping: Not Selected
  • Pocket Trim: Not Selected
  • Button Style: Not selected
  • Vent Trim: Not Selected
Item Price £349.00 Ea
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