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Cavalor Mud Doc is a natural ointment for treating mud fever in horses. It contains more than 10 essential oils that work together to heal, soothe and disinfect the pastern cavities.

Mud fever is one of the most common skin problems in horses. This collective term is used for a number of different forms of skin irritation on a horse's legs.

The most well-known symptoms are redness, scales, scabs and cracks in the pastern. In serious cases, the whole lower leg can swell up and result in lameness if left untreated.

Bacteria and fungi can thrive in the pastern area because it is warm and damp most of the time. Causes can include dirt, mud, insects, fungal infections, mites, sunburn and over-frequent washing of cracks in the skin, which are sensitive to bacterial infections.

The skin in the pastern region can take a long time to heal, because the joint is constantly moving.


Cavalor Mud Doc is very fast-acting due to the unique combination of essential oils such as aloe vera, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree.

It works on different levels to heal mud fever. The antiseptic properties make the pastern cavities inhospitable for the bacteria that cause mud fever, analgesic properties soothe the horse, and the ointment promotes blood circulation so wounds heal faster.

The moisturising effect of the cream improves skin elasticity so there is less scar tissue and the coat will grow back faster. Keeping the skin elastic is important for preventing skin cracks, which can appear during intensive exercise.

Directions For Use

If necessary, clip the hair around the mud fever. Clean the affected area with a disinfecting shampoo like Cavalor Derma Wash, and dry the pastern cavities thoroughly before applying Cavalor Mud Doc.

Use this product daily. It is recommended to continue applying it long enough to prevent the mud fever from coming back.

Cavalor Mud Doc mud fever cream is available in 200ml tubes.

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