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Kentucky Sole Tape is a game-changer for treating foot abscesses and other issues in your horse's hooves when a bandage needs to be applied.

We all know the stress of poulticing a horse's hoof - trying to apply layers of bandages and rolls of tape when your horse is more interested in waving his leg around!

Kentucky Sole Tape solves that problem as it is quick and easy to apply over the top of your dressing or bandage in a single, ready-shaped piece.

It will keep the horse's sole area clean and dry, and dressings in place while the injury is treated, and can also be used for sensitive horses and to prevent infections.

It is equally easy to remove, as it can simply be peeled off the hoof. Each tape is designed for a single use only.

To make absolutely sure that the Sole Tape sticks, Tesa Foot Tape can also be used to secure it to the side of the hoof.

Kentucky Sole Tape is available in One Size only, one single-use tape per pack.

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