Relax Horse Toy - Black
Cavalleria Toscana
Product ID: CT314
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This gorgeous Cavalleria Toscana Horse Stable Toy is specially crafted to offer optimal entertainment and stimulation for horses, whether they're in the stable or out in the field.

Constructed with durable and animal-safe materials, this toy ensures longevity, withstanding bites and tugs to provide a reliable source of recreation.
Ideal for horses that spend extended periods alone, this toy serves as more than just a pastime; it helps alleviate stress and boredom.
The thoughtfully designed shape captures the horse's attention, fostering curiosity and encouraging interaction.
Easy to hang and position, this toy is a practical addition to your horse's environment, enhancing overall well-being.
Please note: these toys are designed for horses to chew and play with, and as such will have a limited lifespan. We cannot accept returns if they have been broken through chewing and play.
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