Protective Boots

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Protective Boots

Give your horse the highest levels of protection with tendon boots, fetlock boots, overreach boots and cross-country boots.

Veredus jumping boots are made from the latest modern technical materials to offer your horse the ultimate in protection without hindering his freedom of movement over fences. They are easy to clean, too! We stock the world-famous Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots, Veredus Young Jump Boots, Veredus Carbon Shield Over Reach Boots, Veredus Olympus front and back boots, Veredus Pro Jump fetlock boots and Safety Bell Over Reach Boots.

The Kentucky range of protective horse boots is designed to provide outstanding horsewear protection by using innovative and patented technologies D3O intelligent shock absorbing molecules and Solimbra all-weather resistant fabric. Kentucky produces protective boots for many equestrian disciplines, including specialist show jumping and eventing boots, as well as everyday and turnout boots.

Over reach injuries when jumping or galloping are a common problem. With Equiport's range of protective over reach boots and bands you can successfully help protect your horse from injury.

We supply a range of Kentaur leather jumping boots. The Flicker boots, developed to encourage the horse to 'flick' his hind legs over fences, are particularly popular. We also stock the weighted back boots, designed to persuade the horse to be more careful with his back legs.

Waldhausen Pro Boots are secure fitting and easy to clean, with an impact-proof hard cover, shock-absorbing neoprene padding and strong Velcro straps. They come in sets of four - containing both tendon and fetlock boots.

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