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Equiport is proud to introduce the latest generation of protection for showjumpers - the Freejump Airbag - with a fast inflation speed and outstanding impact protection.

Designed to be worn fitted to the rider's body over a thin layer of clothing, this discreet yet technically advanced air vest inflates in less than a second in the event of a fall to provide impact protection to vital areas of the torso.

Made in France and tested to the highest standards, it is the first air jacket to exceed the S72-800-2022 safety standard by protecting against vertical impacts to the back, as well as horizontal impacts.

Available in a range of sizes (please see the size guide link above for help with selecting your size, or contact our helpful team), the Freejump Airbag is made from top quality Italian fabrics, making it ultra-thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

With a streamlined fitted cut, you can barely tell that you're wearing the vest, until the all important protection factors come into play if you fall.

The ultra-efficient inflation speed of the Freejump Airbag (98ms) is the fastest on the market, as the vest expands to protect your neck, chest, back, hips, waist, vertabrae and cervical spine.

The lightweight air canisters are easy to change with a simple yet effective screw-in system.

The Freejump Airbag is a true game-changer for show jumping and dressage riders - now there is no need to sacrifice comfort and style for that all-important protection.

When a fall could leave you out of action for weeks or months - why wouldn't you take the opportunity to potentially reduce the risk of injury?

Each Freejump Airbag is supplied with an air canister, lanyard and saddle strap. Additional air canisters and saddle straps can be purchased separately.

Please note that we can only ship air canisters within the UK. If a Freejump Airbag is purchased for international delivery it will be shipped without the air cartridge. We will happily put you in touch with a Freejump representative in your country to supply the cartridge.

Find out more

This video shows why the Freejump Airbag air jacket will soon become an essential part of your riding wear.


  1. Cervical protection is optimised when wearing a certified riding hat.
  2. Optimal neck protection - a neck brace inflates to stabilise the spine and vital areas. The neck protection is adapted to each size of Airbag.
  3. Continuous hip protection at the sides to keep the rider's torso in alignment.
  4. Chest protection that is adapted to each size.
  5. Back protection that is also adapted to each size.
  6. Waist protection - a Freejump specialty - provides better protection of the spine and vital organs thanks to the choice of sizes.
  7. Vertabrae protection - a Freejump specialty - the NF S72-800-2022 standard requires three horizontal impacts. The Freejump Airbag also protects against two vertical impacts along the spine to protect the vertebrae.



The Freejump AirBag reaches the necessary pressure to obtain optimal protection in 98 miliseconds. This outperforms the AFNOR NF S72-800-2022 standard.

There is no minimum and maximum size of horse that can be ridden while wearing the Airbag. It is designed to trigger when a weight of 35kg is placed on the lanyard.



  1. Vest cut: fitted for better protection and crafted with 10% perforated fabric for ventilation.
  2. Fabric: made from 100% Italian fabric that is breathable, silky and comfortable.
  3. Backing plate - the soft backing plate ensures comfort at the sides.
  4. Y-Saddle cord - the high performance textile saddle cord is quiet and lightweight. This is attached to the stirrup bars on the saddle and never to the D-rings.


Triggering System

  1. The Freejump Airbag gas generator is the smallest, lightest and most efficient on the market.
  2. Replacing the air canister is made easier by the cap guide when screwing and unscrewing the cartridge for perfect positioning.


Compatible Clothing

If the Airbag is worn under a show jacket, then the Airbag must be partnered with a compatible show jacket - these will have a label that states 'FREEJUMP AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY - COMPATIBLE JACKET' which means that the show jacket has been specifically designed to allow for inflation. Pikeur, Vestrum, Oscar & Gabrielle and Penelope currently make compatible jackets.

The Freejump Airbag may be worn over a thin layer of clothing, such as your existing show jacket.



Sizes XXS to L are supplied with a 60cc air cartridge, and sizes LT, XL and XXL are supplied with an 85cc cartridge.

The video below shows how to replace your air canister:

Important Notes

  1. This air vest is designed to be worn without a body protector underneath, therefore it is suitable for show jumping and dressage, and not recommended for cross-country riding.
  2. Please note that we can only ship air canisters within the UK. If a Freejump Airbag is purchased for international delivery it will be shipped without the air cartridge.
  3. Do not machine wash, dry clean or immerse in water. Freejump advise hand washing uring a sponge and mild detergents without rubbing.
  4. Do not tumble dry.
  5. Do not iron.
  6. Do not expose to high temperatures (such as on a radiator, near a flame or in a closed vehicle in full sun).
  7. Do not leave folded or rolled up for a long time. The Airbag is supplied with a cardboard hanger to fold your vest during transport.
  8. Store your vest on a hanger in a dry place.



The Freejump Airbag comes with 2 year's warranty as standard. This is extended by a further two years when the product is registered on the Freejump website with the unique serial number on each item.

The Freejump Airbag air vest is available in Black, in a range of sizes. Please see the size chart above for help with measuring your size.

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