Airbag Saddle Strap
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Get all your saddles ready for riding with your Freejump Airbag, thanks to the Freejump Saddle Strap.

Although one Saddle Strap is supplied with your Airbag, many riders find it quicker and easier to set up a Saddle Strap on each of their saddles, so they are always ready to use with the air vest. Simply clip the carbiner of the lanyard onto the saddle strap after mounting your horse.

This Y-shaped strap is made from a lightweight, high performance textile and will not produce any noise when the Airbag lanyard is clipped onto it.

It is important that a Saddle Strap is used whenever you ride in an Freejump Airbag, and it must be attached to the stirrup bars. Take your stirrup leathers off the saddle to attach the lanyard, then re-attach your leathers and stirrups to the saddle.

The Freejump Airbag lanyard should never be attached to the D-rings of the saddle. This is a dangerous practice as the saddle's rings are not designed to support the pressure of a fall.

A Saddle Strap should always be used, as it distributes the pressure and allows the keyball lanyard of the Airbag to be perfectly centred for optimal inflation in the event of a fall.

The Freejump Airbag Saddle Strap is available in Black, one adjustable size only.

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